Mary Wagstaff


Mary resides in Northern California where she divides her time between surfing, making art, and ukulele playing, in addition to balancing a life with her husband and adult children. 

Although she has a degree in the Arts, and worked as an advertising art director for many years, Mary’s independent nature and a need to approach creativity on her own terms has led to her being entirely self taught in fine art. 

Having explored several different paths as a visual artist, it was when she returned to surfing 10 years ago that her interest in water, and trying to understand it, was born. 

Attentive curiosity, a distractible mind and a desire to see things "as they are" along with several decades of Buddhist practice and study, have influenced her art. She is still learning.

Almost every image I paint, I choose because I have an emotional attachment to some aspect of water.  In the beginning I was just trying to understand how light and movement affect the appearance of water, whether still or moving. Now, nearly every time I am in or by the ocean, I am in absolute overwhelming awe of what is in front of me. And the feeling stays with me. Then comes the never-ending and almost impossible task of trying to convey that emotion with paint.”

Mary Wagstaff